'Battleground' official amateur tournament 'level up showdown' Season 3 will be held 30 days

[Data provided: Big Picker Interactive]

The Pubg of Craftone is hosted by the Studio, and the Comprehensive E Sports Company Big Picker Interactive is hosted by the Pubg: Battlegrounds (Battleground Ground) official Amateur E Sports Competition 'Level Up Show Down: The Pub (Level Up Showdown) It returns to the third season.

Level Up Showdown Season 3 is not held for eight weeks with eight-week qualifiers and mains in the same way as last season, but it is not held in the Lord (September 20-26), with Chuseok holidays. Every Monday and Tuesday, at 7 pm, the preliminary preliminary and the main line are held, and the winner of the 200,000 won will be awarded to the finals of the Main Line and the Season 3 Finalization.

Level Up Showdown Season 3's relay progresses 'Pien Joey Pick' event, which selects participants who played funny scenes in every month, A set is provided.

In addition, the participating team power is given a 50% discount on the game coach Academy Scrim Feedback.

In the fourth faith of the Season 3, the winner of the W11,000 won, the BenQ Temple XL2546K Gaming Monitor and the fourth and East Asia Regional E-Sports Competition (PWS), The dog team will be competitive.

16 teams advancing on the season 3 Finance showdown of Level Up Showdown Season 3 Victory Team 8 Team and Cumulative Point Top 4 Team, Open Test Top 1 Team, Miracle High Pubg Season 2 Top 1 Team, PWS Phase 2 is composed of Veronica 7 and renewal, which is a team advancement team.

Level Up Showdown Season 3 can be watched through the Official YouTube, Tweet Channel and Level Up Official African TV channel . For more information, see Level Updies Page .


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