Craftone, `Battle Ground: News Termination`

[Kids News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Creighton (Representative Kim Chang) is the first collaboration content of Electric Hyperca 'RIMA Never' with Bugatti RIMA in Battle Ground: News Tate I was scheduled to be announced on June 6.

Bugatti Mountain is a company that has been created by Super Caucus (Bugatti) and Electric ANSI Maker (RIMA). The re-membrane that appeared as a collaboration is a car that the re-film team is designed, engineering and manually designed, engineering, engineering, and manual. It is a 1,914 horsepower that can reach 0.4 km to 8.582 seconds, and the maximum speed of 412 kilometers, the electrical hypercar, which is faster than the F1 car, but it is easy to drive.

Lima Herbert can be seen in the battleground: News Treatment Troy Map after January update. Limited edition release box items are also available. Berber Blue, Gunpowder Gray, Prism Glow, Sunburst Red, Lumber Gold, etc., will be composed of five colors of car skins and various custom edition items.

실화 - 깝치던 100,000명의 일본군을 전멸시킨 미군의  전투 방법 - 전쟁영화 ELA Bullet (ELA Bullet) Bugatti Senior Marketing Specialist is glad to collaborate with Grafton, one of the most famous game stories in the world. Since the Irish Never is a car that is a right to the digital environment, I thought I had to proceed unconditionally when I proposed about game content, he said, I have to proceed with a variety of snooper activities.

Park Mingy Battle Ground: News Tate General Producer Battleground: The first collaboration of the Battleground: News Tate, is the first start of the world, and the first start of the World is the world's most symbolic automotive brand in the world. The collaboration that can be driven in this collaboration will offer a strong and funny fresh experience to the fans.


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